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4 Myths About Leasing Executive Office Space

June 3, 2015

Has your business considered renting executive suite office space but hesitated due to the costs? The serviced office industry is growing and brilliantly fit out executive suites in state-of-the-art buildings are popping up in the hottest markets. Why? Because the biggest and best companies in the world are realizing 4 myths about the high costs associated with leasing executive suite office space.

1. If Plans Change I’ll Be Stuck In My Lease – As business needs change, so do space requirements. With Preferred’s No-Term Agreement, clients simply give a 60-day notice at any time to vacate their space. So, go ahead and change directions, change headcount, or even change markets. Preferred is proudly revolutionizing flexibility in the serviced office industry.

2. Total Cost of Occupancy is High – A key benefit of leasing executive suite office space is that the space is turnkey, same day move-in ready, for $0 in up front capital. Users pay one all-inclusive monthly rate for fully furnished office space, phone and internet, meeting rooms, and reception services.

3. Options Are Limited – With 350+ locations in North America, Preferred offers more than 25,000 private offices, meeting rooms, and team rooms giving our clients the ability to concentrate and collaborate in the same space.

4. Space Acquisition is Complicated – Searching for office space online can result in dozens of calls from auto-dial intermediary sources. At Preferred Office Network, we invite our clients to skip the hassle and locate space through one of two simple channels:

•Preferred’s Corporate Account Managers do the legwork so you don’t have to – at no cost to you. Call 855-4-NOTERM today or email us at info@preferredofficenetwork.com.
•By using our all new location search tool on Preferred’s website, you know that you’re searching class-A executive suite business centers within our by-invitation only network giving your company access to our exclusive No-Term Agreement, consolidated invoice, one master agreement, and professional account management team.

There is only one Preferred Office Network. To learn more about becoming a client, contact us today! 855-4-NOTERM or info@preferredofficenetwork.com.

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