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5 Reasons To Rent Shared Office Space

August 13, 2017


The phrase “shared office space” is likely a familiar term, but did you know about all the great benefits? Shared office space may not be the solution for every employee, but there are five benefits that are often overlooked.

1. No Up Front Capital – Save costs by foregoing a capital investment for your own dedicated space. Mitigate risk by sharing space that’s already been vetted for prime location, sound construction, and outfitted with the right infrastructure. Shared space can accommodate large companies too as many centers offer team rooms and have the square footage available.

2. All-inclusive Pricing – Securing a space is typically only half the battle. Furnishings, IT equipment, cable connections, and more can be costly. Leasing shared space ensures furnishings, IT equipment and support, a receptionist, phone lines and answering services, cleaning, security, mail delivery, and more are already taken care of. Pay a flat rate and know you have everything you need.

3. Less Commitment – Business plans change and if the tides turn, the worst place to be is stuck with a space you don’t need, or locked into a lengthy lease term. Shared office space users can rest easy knowing if circumstances change, they can vacate without a hassle. Preferred Office Network clients have an added benefit of a No-Term lease agreement. Clients can provide a 60-day notice and vacate, no questions asked.

4. Opportunities To Network With Other Professionals – Shared space providers typically offer a variety of gatherings, mixers, and social events to encourage community. These events provide networking opportunities and you may discover your next customer works next door!

5. Locations Abound – Shared office space locations aren’t just in urban markets. There are a host of suburban markets that have fantastic shared office space, making your commute more convenient than ever. Search our locations now!

Preferred Office Network is has over 450 business center locations that feature everything from private offices, coworking space, meeting space, training rooms, event space, and virtual offices. As a Preferred client, we partner with your real estate teams to find and locate the best office space in the country with the most flexible lease terms in the industry. Contact us today to learn more.

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