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Bluprint by PON – An Organic Product Offering


Our Bluprint offering came about organically,” exclaims Tom Fuge, PON’s Managing Director of Real Estate. 

We had more and more enterprise level corporate clients coming to us asking for a more privatestandalone office space that was fully furnishedwired, and ready for occupancy within a 30 to 90-day window that also came with a more flexible lease term. 

This newfound search for flexibility within lease terms, size of office space, and scalability comes as no surprise given the changes in the work environment that have occurred in the last few months. 

The new buzzwords and commonly used phrases – cleanliness, reducing density, prioritizing health & safety – dominate the narrative of many companies looking to re-evaluate their real estate footprint. 

It’s become crucial that various companies whose employees are back workinin the office, have a viable workaround so that individuals may always maintain physical distance from each other. 

Bluprint is the answer to today’s ever-changing work environment. 

Bluprint gives clients the opportunity to move into a pre-furnished office suite, or as an alternative to the dense, centralized corporate headquarters of many companies. 

But, while this may seem like a jump away from PON’s traditional coworking offering, YESpace, Tom explained that it’s in fact, the latter.

We found that clients wanted the ease of coworking coupled with the private daytoday experience of their own office,” he explained. 

In simple termsBluprint provides clients with access to a custom space outside of a shared, coworking setting, that is outfitted with technology and furnishings. 

While this may seem like an intricate process, PON’s Bluprint offering comes with a single point of contact, just one master agreement, and flexible terms which, greatly helps with administration and billing,” Tom said.  

Not only do we simplify the site selection process, a company can now have private offices for 20 or more peopleacross multiple markets, with just one master agreement and one point of contact. 

Bluprint provides a simple, intuitive approach, as opposed to multiple leases, landlords, property administrators and rent payments,” Tom added. 

With the conditions of how we work changing and many looking for new ways to smartly relocate, don’t let yourself get bogged down within multiple lengthy leases, tricky property administrators, and hefty rent payments.

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