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Managing Your Workforce During COVID-19 R...

Oct 25, 2020
Productivity – a word that has frequented the narrative of small and large companies alike.  We frequently fi ...
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New PON Locations for October

Oct 24, 2020
As we roll towards the end of October, PON is proud to welcome seven new members – in 21 different locations – to t ...
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PON Member of the Month: Pacific Workplaces

Sep 28, 2020
“Do you want to hop on a Zoom call?”, “We’re having a Zoom happy hour!”, “Today’s meeting will be on Zoom” – phrase ...
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The Suburban Boom – Industry Trends fo...

Sep 28, 2020
The spread of the novel coronavirus has seen the parameters of work altered which in turn, has given ways to new tr ...
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New PON Locations for September

Sep 28, 2020
Pictured above: Dayhouse Coworking’s Mind-Body Room PON is proud to welcome three new members – in 14 locatio ...
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Office Relocation Checklist – How to M...

Sep 23, 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact business operations around the world, it’s become increasingly like ...
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PON Member of the Month: Office Evolution

Jul 08, 2020
“I think that we just put rocket fuel in the spaceship. I think it’s ready, set, go,” exclaimed William Edmundson, ...
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More For You and Your Business

Sep 29, 2019
Business is a constant state of flux. We’ve seen many of our clients grow to the point that they’ve had to leave ou ...
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Image from member center The 9th Floor in Colorado Springs

Why Preferred Office Network?

Jun 26, 2019
*Image from member center, The 9th Floor, in Colorado Springs What sets Preferred Office Network apart from other w ...
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Doing Business With the Federal Government

Apr 04, 2019
According to the General Services Administration (GSA), there are many occasions where leasing office space is opti ...
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