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New PON Locations for January

Feb 12, 2021
Kicking off 2021, PON welcomes Boston Offices – a growing community of global executives and entrepreneurs – to the ...
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Coworking + Higher Education – Industr...

Feb 11, 2021
Higher education has always been centered around innovation, collaboration, and community-building – so it’s no sur ...
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PON Member of the Month: Perfect Office

Feb 10, 2021
Chiko Abengowe, Founder & CEO of Perfect Office, is an entrepreneur at heart.  That’s why Perfect Office strive ...
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PON Coworking Spaces in Downtown Denver, Col...

Feb 01, 2021
We know that finding the perfect workspace can be difficult, especially in a big city, so Preferred Office Network ...
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Flexibility Is the Name of the Game

Nov 17, 2020
“During today’s unpredictable environment, having flexibility within your lease terms is no longer just nice to hav ...
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What Is a Satellite Office? A Complete Guide

Nov 16, 2020
Today’s new normal has given rise to new workforce conditions that has forced all types of companies to re-evaluate ...
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PON Member of the Month: Premier Workspaces

Nov 11, 2020
With over 90 nationwide locations, Premier Workspaces is one of largest members of Preferred Office Network.  Forme ...
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Managing Your Workforce During COVID-19 R...

Oct 25, 2020
Productivity – a word that has frequented the narrative of small and large companies alike.  We frequently fi ...
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New PON Locations for October

Oct 24, 2020
As we roll towards the end of October, PON is proud to welcome seven new members – in 21 different locations – to t ...
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PON Member of the Month: Pacific Workplaces

Sep 28, 2020
“Do you want to hop on a Zoom call?”, “We’re having a Zoom happy hour!”, “Today’s meeting will be on Zoom” – phrase ...
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