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What Do Millenials Want From Their Workplace...

Jun 28, 2016
Hint…it’s probably not what your Mom or Dad wanted. As Millennials are primed to be the largest members [more]
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Open Offices, Coworking, and the Workplace, ...

Mar 19, 2016
Flexible working is here to stay and there is no doubt if you’ve been active in the workplace for the last few decades you’ve taken notice. Employees now more than ever want a say in when, [more]
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San Francisco Office Space

Feb 23, 2016
  We recently blogged about two of America’s most sought after job markets and highlighted the advantages of working in New York City. Today, we’re balancing things out by catapulting [more]
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16 in 16

Feb 05, 2016
2016 is well under way…how are those resolutions coming? At Preferred Office Network we want to help your bus [more]
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New York Office Space

Jan 17, 2016
San Francisco and New York City – arguably two of the most sought after cities to live and work in. For compa [more]
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Work Like A Genius

Nov 04, 2015
Have you ever wondered how brilliant people work? the innovators, creators, and geniuses of our time tend to share common traits and preferences. The work environment that houses these brilliant minds [more]
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Executive Suites Versus Conventional Space

Oct 03, 2015
When businesses begin the search for office space, there are typically one of two paths to take. The company can choose a conventional office model or an executive suite model. While the decision may [more]
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Millenials and the Workplace

Sep 29, 2015
Millenials, today’s 18-35 year olds, make up an impressive one third of the workforce. These workers, many of whom are in leadership positions, have their own defining characteristics that have [more]
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Tech and the Workplace – Part 3

Sep 20, 2015
Our Tech and the Workplace series wraps up by addressing some of the questions we get from clients concerning IT an [more]
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Tech and the Workplace – Part 2

Sep 16, 2015
The second post in our tech series highlights recent reports to show which markets are best for tech, and where the tech talent pool exists and is developing. As the tech industry continues to boom, w [more]
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