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Flexibility Is the Name of the Game


During today’s unpredictable environment, having flexibility within your lease terms is no longer just nice to have – it’s a must have,” says Caroline Hecht, PON’s Member Relations and Marketing Administration Manager.

Today’s unpredictable environment – caused mostly in part by the coronavirus pandemic – has seen many companies either completely vacate their brick-and-mortar office space or shift to a hybrid approach.

Now, this desired flexibility within lease termsallows these companies to find fresh solutions to physical workspaces such as satellite offices, floating workspaces, or even more agile, drop-in space. 

Most flex space providers understand this new desire and have adapted,” says Caroline. “But PON was offering flexible lease terms long before a pandemic forced us to. 

Boasting the largest coworking alliance in North America, PON’s YESpace product offering has unlocked enterprise companies access to workspaces in multiple markets – all with a no-term agreement – since its inception in 2010.

The beauty of the network is that when each flex space provider joined the network, they optedin to offer a no-term lease agreement,” Caroline explains. “In today’s work environment, this provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility.

When clients work from PON location, term length doesn’t even have to be discussed,” she added. “If there happens to be unforeseen shift in the environment – such as the coronavirus pandemic has caused – all risk to the client has been eliminated as a quick exit can be made for any reason with the no-term agreement.

While so many flex space providers are now scrambling to shift their lease terms to meet this newly desired flexibilityits PON and a network of innovative coworking providers that are positioned to succeed within the new normal.

Remove the guesswork from shopping different space providers that may or may not offer flexible terms. All you need is PON, where no-term agreement is the standard across the board,” says Caroline.

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