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PON Announces the Addition of Workspacing to the Network

November 14, 2020


Along with highlighting our new locations for October, PON is delighted to announce the addition of Workspacing to the network.  

Working to, “reinvent the Asian coworking system,” Workspacing brings over 18 years of coworking experience and 185 new locations, in ten different Asian countries, to the ever-growing and expanding network.

Countries now accessible to PON clients are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, and the Philippines.

Workspacing recently launched a digital platform that allowed them to offer spaces in these countries and to also provide traditional concierge services.

In reinventing the climate around coworking in Asia, Workspacing is aiming to help de-centralize workforces – a trend that is becoming crucial with the implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boasting several notable clientssuch as Nokia, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and Allianzthe addition of Workspacing is ideal for PON’s enterprise clients looking to expand internationally.

In addition, PON members can also now pitch hundreds of new Asian locations to their local clients, while Workspacing also unlocks access to over 700 workspace providers in North America for their clients – a true win, win scenario.

“We are very excited to be a part of PON’s network,” said Robin GofurCEO of Workspacing. “We are looking forward to supporting PON clients with their workspace needs in Asia.” 

If one thing is clear, it’s that PON is continuing to work to enable Fortune 1000 companies to be in places where they need to be, with the most flexible terms to adapt to today’s new normal.

“PON is staying ahead of where the customer wants to be,” said Simone Rones, PON’s Sales Manager.

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