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PON Member of the Month: Premier Workspaces


With over 90 nationwide locations, Premier Workspaces is one of largesmembers of Preferred Office Network. 

Formerly Premier Business Centers, Premier Workspaces was established in 2002 with the goal of providing flexible workspaces and services to growing, innovative businesses. 

Since its beginnings in 2002, Premier has seen considerable change in the flex office industry said Michelle Stiegler, Vice President of Corporate Accounts and Partnerships for Premier. 

But our focus remains on providing professional, shared office solutions with an exceptional customer experience. 

We recognize and value our collective ability to meet challenges and adapt in an ever-changing industry,” Michelle added. 

As a member of PON since 2014 – four years after PON’s inception – Premier stands as one of the long-standing members of the network. 

“Premier has been a valued partner of Preferred Office Network since 2014 and it’s been a great mutual relationship,” Michelle said. 

“We have built together a great partnership these last six years and I look forward to see its growth again in 2021.” 

While highlighting the mutually beneficial partnership, Michelle shared some of the details of the benefits that are transmitted between both PON and Premier. 

“The benefits have always been with having just one point of contact, both from PON to their clients and from Premier to PON’s clients,” said Michelle. 

This creates a streamlined billing process with a dedicated Premier billing manager to resolve any client issues quickly and efficiently.” 

A testament to PON working with both enterprise clients and its members, “We [Premier] accommodated a PON client at our Miami center. On day one, the center opened at an 85% occupation rate – just with a single PON client,” she exclaimed. 

Now though, it’s Premier who are also adapting to the challenges that have been presented during this new normal. 

Parallel to PON’s commitment to flexibility, Premier is now customizing office solutions and creating, “… conference room, membership, and virtual packages that are based on our client’s needs,” Michelle said. 

Since March, Premier has opened six new locations – not a small feat considering the implications of the novel coronavirus. 

Rather than building out entirely new spaces, Premier opened these locations, “… through management deals on behalf of the ownership of the buildings,” Michelle said. 

“We see this as a huge growth area in the flex office industry,” Michelle said. 

We bring our expertise, marketing muscle, and name recognition to buildings and ownership that want to take advantage of this growing demand – while minimizing risk by bringing in experts,” she added. 

Both continually looking forward, PON and Premier are excited for the future of coworking – through a partnership that continues to reap mutual rewards. 

Michelle added, “We believe that we are going to continue to see the need for agility and flexibility in workspaces. People will want more privacy, safety, and secure environments – all of which Premier provides.” 

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