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The Business of First Impressions

June 17, 2015
2 GTH Lobby


If your business relies on personal interactions with clients, you know how important first impressions are. Clients and prospects are looking for professionalism from their vendors before they trust them with their time and money. Presenting clients with a professional appearance in both dress and where you conduct business is critical.

Coffee shops are perfect for meeting friends or conducting a casual meeting. For a business meeting however, a coffee shop is too noisy and lacks the business tools that portray a professional image.

Leasing office space at one of our 350+ business centers will exceed you and your clients’ expectations for professional space. Each center offers a comfortable reception area, staffed with a live receptionist to greet your clients. Not in the office? Professional phone answering services are included so you never miss an important call. Our centers are Class A, and many are located in iconic buildings across the country. Parking options are available to make coming and going a breeze for your valued clients, and offices are cleaned daily to maintain a well-kept appearance.

We invite you to search our locations now and find the perfect office to represent you and your business the way it should be. Search now.

2 GTH-Lobby

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