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The Importance of a Streamlined Payment Method


Streamlined, efficient, and accessible payment options have proven to be quintessential in providing consumers with a sound experience during the buying process. 

That’s why PON takes such pride in our industry-best, one agreement and one invoice approach. 

But what does this approach specifically entail and why does it make the lives of our clients that much easier? 

Rather than sending multiple payments each month to different addresses, all at different times, PON’s single monthly invoice helps to consolidate payments into one simple, monthly process. 

Even if you have multiple workspace locations across various US states, PON’s single invoice approach remains the same. 

“Since employees can be spread across the globe, our consolidated monthly invoice makes it easy for enterprise companies to manage their real estate portfolio,” says Stephanie Jabs, PON’s Billing and Operations Coordinator. 

All fixed monthly charges at each location a client is working from are easily viewable, both from a quick glance as well as in a more detailed summary. 

Clients pay once a month and PON handles the rest, distributing the payments to their necessary destinations across the network. 

“Every month you get to see exactly what you’re paying, and where,” says Stephanie. 

“You can set up just one monthly payment to take care of them all. It’s rent management at its best – simple and streamlined.” 

Along with a streamlined payment process, PON also offers the freedom to choose from multiple methods including check, wire, ACH, or from a new payment portal on our website. 

Simply email stephanie@ponworks.com to set up your access to the PON payment portal. 

By implementing processes as simple as streamlined payment methods on just one invoice, PON is proud to continually move the network forward by providing industry-leading service to our clients and members. 

For any payment related questions, please contact Stephanie Jabs (stephanie@ponworks.com). 

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