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The Suburban Boom – Industry Trends for September


The spread of the novel coronavirus has seen the parameters of work altered which in turn, has given ways to new trends within the working world. 

As many people are moving away from working in large, urban cities, smaller suburban markets have seen steady activity throughout the pandemic with many looking to work closer to home. 

More specifically, companies have attested that many working professionals are looking to pull out of major cities and work from more suburban-based centers. 

We pulled together a few sources that examine the steadily growing ‘suburban boom’ within the coworking industry: 

Real Estate Trends For a Post-COVID World. 

Susan Arledge from D Magazine uses real estate trends that have occurred during the coronavirus pandemic to predict what a workplace and real estate landscape may look like, post-COVID. As we mentioned, she predicts that we will continually see a flight away from once-popular Urban Centers to less dense suburban areas. 

Read More: https://www.dmagazine.com/commercial-real-estate/2020/08/real-estate-trends-for-a-post-covid-world/ 

Why Boston Businesses Are Looking at Suburban Supplemental Offices as Option for Reopening 

Nordlund Associates Inc. – in the Boston Business Journal – examines how employers are looking to create safer reopening practices for their team members. Through the concept of ‘supplemental office options’, this article proposes that companies use suburban offices – or satellite offices – to create multiple smaller workspace options with flexible lease terms to better protect employees.  

Read More: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2020/06/23/boston-businesses-looking-at-satellite-offices.html 

Although postpandemic, we could see the return of many professionals to larger cities, PON has positioned itself to provide clients with the option to work with a mix of an urban and suburban workplace setting – or in simpler terms, wherever a client wants to be.

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