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PON Launches New Flexible Workspace Product, YESpass


PON Launches New Flexible Workspace Product, YESpass 

Preferred Office Network is excited to announce the launch of our new product YESpass – a product that gives your company on-demand access to over 900 coworking locations, with unlimited flexibility. 

YESpass allows your company to purchase day passes for individual employees to use within a given month at a select location within our network of over 900 options. 


YESpass is quick and easy. Simply purchase your desired number of passes, choose the location that you want to work from, and get to work. 

We spoke with Simone Rones, Account Manager of PON, to better understand where the need came for the development of YESpass. 

Q: What was one of the main factors that led to the creation and launch of YESpass? 

A: Without a doubt, the global pandemic has affected the way businesses are approaching the use of workspace. 

The most evident realization is that industries who in the past believed that their work product could only be achieved in conventional office spaces, now understand that their employees can be just as – if not even more – productive within a telework structure. 

Q: So, with this realization in mind, what has this forced these industries and their leaders to do? 

A: Progressive industry leaders are now carefully reviewing their conventional lease obligations and considering more flexible workspace solutions. 

Q: What are some of these more flexible workspace solutions that we may see in the future? 

A: The coworking solution, which has been in use by individuals and small businesses for years, is now more appealing than ever to our enterprise clients. 

As an experienced flexible office space curator and a leader in our industry, PON is well positioned to answer the question, what does the workspace of the future look like? 

We say it looks like whatever you need it to be, and we are the vehicle to deliver it. 

From the fluidity of our new YESpass product, to the flexibility of YESpace, and the stability of our BluPrint product, we’ve got you covered. 

To see YESpass in action, click here. 

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