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Preferred Office Network offers flexible workspace solutions to growing corporate clients via its national network of independently owned office business centers and coworking locations. The largest network of its kind in North America, Preferred offers you revolutionary benefits in 700+ workspace locations. Explore more client benefits below,  call us at 1-855-466-8376, or reach out through our contact form:


Manage your company's portfolio with ease.

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide fast and effective solutions to meet your national expansion plans.


Master Agreement

One simple master agreement for your entire portfolio.

Accelerate your speed to market when opening and managing a new office and use fewer corporate resources.



One national network, one bill.

Our consolidated bill allows you to see the big picture and focus on controlling costs in a simpler, more efficient way.

Whether you need 3 locations or 30, finally there is a workplace solution that is as easy to obtain as checking into a hotel, and as easy to shed as checking out of one.

No Surprises.
Never get caught in an auto-renewing agreement again.
No need to predict the future.
No long-term commitment.
No risk expansion.
Reach into new markets quickly and without hesitation.
No capital outlay.
Our Class A workspaces have everything you need.

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New PON Locations for January

Kicking off 2021, PON welcomes Boston Offices – a growing community of global executives and entrepreneurs – to the ever-growing network.  The addition of Boston Offices adds two state-of-the-art workspace locations in downtown Boston.  First is Boston Offices’ exclusive 26th floor location at One Boston Place, which is located at 201 Washington Street, smack in the center of downtown Boston which is known as “The Hub”.  One Boston Place offers sweeping views of Boston Harbor …

The Importance of a Streamlined Payment Method

Streamlined, efficient, and accessible payment options have proven to be quintessential in providing consumers with a sound experience during the buying process.  That’s why PON takes such pride in our industry-best, one agreement and one invoice approach.  But what does this approach specifically entail and why does it make the lives of our clients that much easier?  Rather than sending multiple payments each month …

Coworking + Higher Education – Industry Trends for February

Higher education has always been centered around innovation, collaboration, and community-building – so it’s no surprise that coworking spaces have started to pop up at colleges and universities across the country.  A direct personification of innovation, the flexible office industry has adapted over the years to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s working professionals.  As these demands change, colleges and universities are also looking …

PON Member of the Month: Perfect Office

Chiko Abengowe, Founder & CEO of Perfect Office, is an entrepreneur at heart.  That’s why Perfect Office strives to provide today’s entrepreneurs with affordable, professional, and flexible office solutions.  But before Perfect Office came Perfect Staff – a staffing company founded by Chiko that provided the inspiration for what we now know as Perfect Office.  “I actually started a business before Perfect Office called Perfect …

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