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2019 Office Space Trends

January 29, 2019


Image above from our member center at 42 Broadway in NYC.

Happy New Year! We are so excited to enter another year as the largest network of independently owned business centers in North America. Here’s what we see on the horizon in the workspace industry for 2019.

1. Open office-style floor plans will give way to more hybrid spaces with a blend of private and shared space. As Generation Z enters the workplace, different styles of work environments will emerge and the clear common denominator is that a one-size fits all approach is not ideal. Certain projects will call for a more collaborative environment, where lounge areas and meeting spaces will be more prevalent, while private office space will be necessary for other tasks.

2. Coworking solutions will continue to be a disruptive force in the market. Recent article, Co-working in 2018: The year of the disruptor, provides a global outlook, predicting shared workspace as part of the portfolio of large companies is expected to be upwards of 25% of their overall leased space by 2022. The coworking industry is slated to grow in 2019 as more large companies see the collaborative as well as financial benefits of coworking space. Coworking might also get a new name as it has become more all-encompassing of the overall shared office space industry.

3. As wellness becomes top of mind in our culture, employers recognize the need to offer wellness benefits in the workplace, including the office building itself. Properties can now become WELL certified, the goal of its creation being to explore how design, operations and behaviors within the places where we live, work, learn and play can be optimized to advance human health and well-being. When spaces incorporate wellness components that support a healthy body and mind including natural light, access to water and clean air, fitness centers, and a comfortable environment, they can register their space to obtain the certification.

Wherever 2019 takes you, Preferred Office Network is here with the same revolutionary benefits as always:
-One point of contact to secure office space
-One consolidated invoice for all locations occupied
-One master agreement covering all locations
-One NO-Term lease agreement

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Preferred client at 855-4-NOTERM or info@preferredofficenetwork.com.

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