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IBM Says, “Come Back To The Office”


With a fourth of US workers doing some or all of their jobs from a home office, it’s safe to say the work-from-home movement has gained popularity, and certainly has its benefits. But IBM, a company known for their innovative products, wants to bring workers back to the office to help foster the innovation that has made them so successful.

Recent Washington Post article tells how IBM, a once proponent of employees working from home is seeing the benefits of face time in an office, and they aren’t only company that shares this view. Yahoo and Best Buy made similar moves to bring employees back to an office and tech giant Google prefers the majority of their employees to report to an office.

Whether you manage a remote workforce or require your employees to meet in an office, we have a workspace solution for you. Preferred Office Network has relationships with over 700 office business centers and coworking locations throughout North America, and our Corporate Account Managers are experts at customizing solutions to fit your business model. Contact us today for a free workspace strategy call.

Everything Coworking Podcast Interview With Kris Elliott

coworking podcast

Preferred Office Network President, Kris Elliott, was recently interviewed by Jamie Russo as part of her Everything Coworking podcast. The podcast features interviews and information centered around all things coworking. See below for notes from the interview, and be sure and listen to the entire podcast – Episode 48 – Demystifying the Corporate Coworking Client!

Podcast Notes:
As mentioned, Kris is the president of Preferred Office Network. The company organizes and manages a proprietary network of 350+ independent office business centers. Founded in late 2010, the company’s mission is to provide office space solutions to corporate clients on the most flexible terms in the industry.

Prior to joining Preferred Office Network, Kris spent 10 years at Regus.

Kris and Jamie discuss:

-Her background, including her time at Regus, and the genesis of Preferred Office Network.
-The evolution of the corporate user of shared workspace in the past 10 years; how they think about flexibility, how they look at the options in the marketplace.
-Where Kris thinks we are on the growth path of corporate use of flex space – Just getting started? In full swing?
-How corporate users find shared workspace
-How to become a Preferred partner