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Flexible Workspace Services and Amenities that Raise the Bar

We know that there are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a flexible workspace — the number of coworking centers in the U.S. continues to grow each year. So, how does an enterprise company choose the right place for their employees to meaningfully gather to collaborate, connect, and create? 

Important factors in making this critical decision include, of course, budget and location, however, it’s essential to also consider the office atmosphere, suite of services, and advantageous amenities that set certain flexible workspaces apart from the rest. 

Preferred Office Network prides itself on partnering with flexible workspace operators who are at the forefront of offering value-packed services and amenities that provide a better employee experience and a deeper relationship between these premium coworking centers and the people who bring them to life — their clients.

Introducing Exciting New Amenities that Elevate Our Flex Spaces

Our team carefully curates the flexible workspace operators in our network because we recognize the real worth of thoughtful, convenient, and unique offerings and how they can attract companies and their teams to these spaces. While research shows that the main reason workers want to return to the office is to commune with their colleagues, we strongly believe that spaces that facilitate these relationships through such vital elements as services and amenities are key to driving employee productivity, wellness, and satisfaction.

As part of an ongoing effort to continually evolve and give our clients what matters most to them, we have established partnerships with valuable service providers that many of our flexible workspace operators now feature, offering real benefits for you and your team. These attentive amenities include:

  • Concierge-style kitchen and mini market setups that boast premium, organic, non-GMO snacks and meals
  • A quality water service that promotes hydration and sustainability
  • Access to elegant, ergonomic office furniture
  • Shipping kiosks that provide quick and convenient postal and shipping services so you don’t need to leave your office to send a package 
  • A digital-first, automated platform that maintains mail compliance and efficiency
  • Simple and efficient ways to book meeting space online 
  • Soundproof and stylish phone booths that allow for focused solo work
  • Streamlined coworking insurance compliance software

Imagine how having these services and amenities available to your team can power productivity, enable efficiency, and promote better workplace wellness — all indispensable benefits that aid talent attraction and retention and encourage organizational innovation and growth.  

Connect with us to learn more about Preferred Office Network’s collection of more than 940 select flexible workspace locations around the world and the numerous rewards these office solutions can offer you and your company.

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