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From Humble Beginnings to Unrivaled Flexibility – Where Does YESpace Get Its Name?


These last few months have seen the concept of normality drastically altered due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Dining out in large groups has been relegated to just a few friends, schooling has shifted to hybrid or virtual, distanced learning, and the workplace – a sanctuary of productivity for many – has turned into empty desks and empty meeting rooms. 

With ample health and safety precautions in place, many have returned to the office as working from home has begun to feel mundane and unproductive. 

Now though, new questions present themselves as company’s re-evaluate their real estate footprint within today’s new normal. 

Originally created as an ode to flexibility, Preferred Office Network’s YESpace offering is the ideal answer and the ticket to combatting todays unusual – and unpredictable – work parameters. 

The yes in YESpace, meaning, “If you need to place a team of 20 in Boston, our answer is YES, we can help,” exclaims Morgan Neff, Vice President of Business Development for PON. 

“If you need another team of three in New York, the answer is YES,” she adds. 

However, if the verdict upon re-evaluation isn’t as simple as placing different team members within different markets to reduce density, YESpace also boasts more temporary options. 

“If the need is only temporary, our answer is still YES. The space footprint for your team across multiple markets is managed through one master agreement, one dedicated account manager, and there is no term commitment,” says Morgan. 

Can PON be the workspace answer for your team as you evaluate your new normal? We hope the answer is YES.” 

Learn more about YESpacehere. 

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