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Lessons from Airbnb

August 27, 2015

Airbnb recognizes that businesses make up a large percentage of travel dollars spent, over $302 billion per year according to the Global Business Travel Association, and they want a piece of the pie. Airbnb is expanding their reach beyond leisure travelers by introducing new tools and promotions to attract business travelers to its business program. With features like HR access to travel history and a central billing system, Airbnb makes it easier for employers to track employee travel expenses.

What’s driving these changes? Employees are looking for creative and flexible spaces to conduct business in, and Airbnb’s locations provide the comforts of home in more locations than hotels can penetrate. As noted in this New York Times article, hotels oftentimes don’t provide adequate workspace, and some hotel markets like San Francisco hover at 90% occupancy rates, especially when technology conferences are in town.

At Preferred Office Network, we understand and value flexible workspace solutions that enable mobility and creativity, while maintaining a key element of professionalism. Our searchable locations tool allows users to quickly search for office space and meeting space in Class-A business centers on the road and close to home, so clients can conduct business in a work-enabling, respectable environment. Our consolidated monthly rent invoice enables HR to easily view and track employee rent expenses in all active markets. Consider pairing Airbnb and Preferred Office Network when your employees crave sleeping arrangements that remind them of home, and a professional office environment some of the finest buildings in the country’s top markets.

Want to learn more? Call us at 855-4-NOTERM or email us at info@preferredofficenetwork.com.

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