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Managing Your Workforce During COVID-19 – Industry Trends for October


Productivity – a word that has frequented the narrative of small and large companies alike. 

We frequently find ourselves asking ourselves and others, “Were you productive today?”, “Do you feel productive?”, or even “Do you feel like your current workspace is conducive to productivity?”

It goes without question that the coronavirus pandemic has flipped the script when it comes to workplace productivity – wherever one may be working.

It’s become more important – now more than ever – for companies to find new ways to help their employees boost or maintain a productive output whether its remotely, back in the office, or even at a flexible office space.

We pulled together a few sources to help you do exactly that: 

COVID-19: Workforce considerations

PWC provides and elaborates on five focus areas to best keep your employees safe, engaged, and productive as we navigate through the pandemic. Focus areas include, “Protecting your people, communicating effectively in uncertainty, maintaining the continuity of work, assessing workforce costs, and preparing for recovery”.

Read More: https://www.pwc.com/us/en/library/covid-19/workforce-considerations.html 

Reboot: Getting back to the workplace

PWC looks at what a return to the workplace may look like in the coming months – whether that return is to an office building, a retail shop, or the floor of a factory. This two-paged PDF presents a plethora of different factors that will shape and affect how your future in-person workplace may function.

Read More: https://www.pwc.com/us/en/library/covid-19/pdf/reboot-getting-back-to-workplace.pdf

The Physical Work Environment Impacts the Employee Experience

Teresa from the Handwriting Forensics Blog writes an exceptional article on the physical workspace and how this has a major impact on the, “well-being, mental health, and productivity,” or your employees. While many rejoiced at the thought of an extended period of remote work, many have begun to languish in an environment that has traditionally been a place to relax. Teresa provides innovative solutions on how the offices of the future can be safe but also geared towards a better employee experience.

Read More: https://teresadeberry.com/the-physical-work-environment-impacts-the-employee-experience/ 

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