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Tech Solutions for the New Era of Work

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Tech Solutions for the New Era of Work

Today’s workplaces aren’t the same old offices we once reported to from 9-to-5, five days a week, a mere three years ago. Successful operations now call for greater flexibility and the ability to get the job done from anywhere and on asynchronous schedules.

How do remote and hybrid workforces find the resources, communication, and connection they need to feel engaged and productive in these reinvented workplaces?

Tech solutions for enterprise are now playing a major role in streamlining and strengthening operations across industries as well as meeting employee expectations for on-demand, 24/7 access to information, support, and services.

What are the latest tech solutions for enterprise that will help maintain and manage your company’s output and outcomes in this new era of work?

All Together Now – Even When Apart

Employee happiness is becoming increasingly based on the agility and adaptability of an organization. The rise of innovative remote collaboration tools has met this new demand, facilitating project management and company-wide alignment. But these resources now also serve as our primary place of communication and connection in today’s workplaces. 

We’ve come to rely on our devices to feel connected to our family, friends, colleagues, and managers even when we’re miles apart.

Workplace communication and collaboration platforms such as Asana, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox empower us to complete projects and achieve individual and organizational goals from anywhere, opening up a world of possibilities.

These tech advancements also offer a major incentive for companies looking to attract and retain talent by offering this new frictionless way of working across locations and time zones.

What’s on the horizon for these now ubiquitous workplace systems? PCMag recently rated the best online collaboration software, naming such heavyweights as Basecamp, Smartsheet, and Trello to the list, while also identifying next-gen tools like Miro, Todoist, and LiquidPlanner for their ease and ability to customize based on user needs and company goals. 

It’s imperative to assess how you’ll use these programs across your organization and to evaluate each platform’s unique capabilities and drawbacks. Chances are you’ll want to use a custom mix of various systems, such as Slack for team communication, Trello for setting deadlines and sharing files, and Google Meet for virtual gatherings. 

Learning on the Fly

Everything from employee onboarding to upskilling and reskilling initiatives can now be conducted from comprehensive web and mobile platforms that offer learning opportunities that fit seamlessly into employees’ schedules.

Innovative purpose-built software such as Degreed, a comprehensive learning experience platform; NovoEd, a social and collaborative learning system; and Mursion, a human-powered AI system for learning leadership skills; empower your employees to take control of their on-the-job training and obtain essential workplace capabilities on their own time and their own terms.  

Logistics Simplified 

Beyond the invaluable connection and support that tech solutions for enterprise provide to employers and employees, mobile and on-demand apps also help employees navigate their workday and streamline company operations. 

Hybrid workforces in particular benefit from functionalities that enable employees to set up their surroundings for the day before they even arrive in the office.

New workplace apps allow workers to sync schedules with colleagues for collaborative projects, book a desk or a conference room in advance, and access a QR code or Apple Wallet to enter their building safely.

Workplace safety has taken on an increased importance in our new normal, and a slew of apps and software services look to meet new standards. Workplace safety apps such as iAuditor, the American Red Cross First Aid app, and WorkPose assess everything from office hazards to ergonomics to create safer and healthier work environments. 

Meeting Employees Where They Are

Achieving better life-work balance means, as employers, we have an obligation to create workplaces that actually allow employees to do their best work. Tech solutions for enterprise supercharge these capabilities, as does offering flexible workspace options that are designed to enhance the employee experience.

Preferred Office Network’s versatile workspaces come equipped with tech enhancements that improve the quality of work, such as advanced booking of meeting rooms, private and virtual offices, suites, and hot desks, all via Preferred’s booking platform and utilizing one master contract. Once onsite, workers are supported by enterprise-grade internet and extensive technology services and support.

When we invest in our employees with advancements and actionable ways they can carry out their jobs more efficiently, effectively, and confidently, we help shape the workforce that will lead our organizations into the future. 

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