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As Companies Return to the Office, Many Now Seek Flex Space Offerings


Not so long ago, the commercial real estate world was operating under a very different business model than what we frequently see today. 

Traditionally, large companies employed brokers to find them office space that they committed to for five-plus years.  

But with today’s ever-changing environment, companies have completely changed their strategy around acquiring office space. 

As they adopt new ways to work – such as a hybrid model or even abandoning a corporate headquarters in favor of drop-in flex space – it’s clear the industry is evolving. 

The federal government, who has typically been a slower adopter of flexible workspace, has begun to contract with various flex operators to give their employees new work options. 

With an increased demand for short term flex space, large, commercial real estate companies are even investing in flexible workspace providers as they believe the flex model will be utilized for years to come. 

As this continued migration towards enterprise companies utilizing coworking spaces occurs, PON can be a great resource for brokers looking to place clients who need flex space. 

With over 930 vetted locations to choose from, PON and its members offer a plethora of short and even long-term flexible office solutions. 

PON also provides account management services on behalf of clients and works in tandem with brokers to deliver the right solutions at the right time. 

“PON is excited to work with the brokerage community to assist in their search for flexible workspace for their clients,” said Tom Fuge, Managing Director or Real Estate of PON. 

“As companies are now leaning into flex space as part of their overall strategy, it’s important for the real estate community to know what’s available in different markets, who the players are, and to offer up the right spaces for their clients,” he added. 

To learn more about how PON works with brokers, email us at connect@ponworks.com. 

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