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Flexible Office Space: Your Secret Weapon for Creating a Successful Return-to-Work Strategy

By now, most C-suite executives are formulating a return-to-work plan that transitions employees back to working in a physical office space on a full-time or hybrid basis now that the COVID-19 has largely subsided. A recent report from Resume Builder found that of the 1,000 U.S. company decision-makers surveyed, 90% plan to implement return-to-work policies by the end of 2024.

The same report finds that leaders who have already implemented return-to-work strategies say they’ve experienced increases in revenue, productivity, and worker retention. It’s worth noting, however, that multiple studies including a 2024 survey by Gallup indicate that over half of U.S. remote-capable employees expect and prefer hybrid work arrangement.

Using flexible office space within Preferred Office Network can be the difference-maker when it comes to launching a successful return-to-work strategy. Flexible office space allows your company to offer employees multiple workspace options that support fully remote, hybrid, and in-person work. Read on to learn more about flexible office space and why it should be an essential element in your return-to-work strategy.

Return-to-Work Strategy: Flexible Office Space vs. Traditional Real Estate

Before we dive into the value of flexible office space in any return-to-work or return-to-office (RTO) strategy, it’s important to clarify how it differs from traditional office space or real estate. Flexible offices are real estate options that feature short-term contracts and provide access to multifunctional coworking spaces.

Flexible office space typically includes the following move-in ready, fully furnished workspaces:

  • Hot desks and dedicated desks in shared coworking centers.
  • Private offices
  • Custom team suites
  • Day offices
  • Virtual offices
  • Meeting rooms

With flexible office space, you’re able to offer team members multiple workspace options at the same location, something that is impossible to do with traditional office space.

Flexible office space also may be leased for the short term (by the hour or day) or for longer periods of time, which means the financial commitment is much lower than with a traditional office rental or real estate purchase. Leases for flexible office space often are all-inclusive and include valuable services and amenities, as well.

Flexible Office Space: Workspace Options To Meet Every Employee’s Needs

It’s no secret that the pandemic fundamentally changed how many employees feel about working in a traditional office space on a full-time basis. At the height of the pandemic, working remotely or on a hybrid basis provided many workers with increased work-life balance, lower stress levels, and greater flexibility.   

However, every employee is different. Some prefer working in a quiet office alone, while others do their best work in a more social environment like a shared coworking space or team suite.

One of the major advantages of integrating Preferred Office Network’s flexible office space into your RTO strategy is that you can easily accommodate team members’ varying work preferences. Preferred’s flexible office space supports fully remote, hybrid, and in-person work arrangements, as well as flex schedules and job sharing.

Flexible office space within the Preferred Office Network includes these workspace options.

Private Offices

Preferred’s private offices provide your team members with dedicated office space, as well as traditional business services. Private offices in our network are ideal for those who need privacy for confidential meetings and/or a quiet environment for focused work.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces in the Preferred network are in a shared office environment, which often is the perfect fit for employees who prefer to work in a social atmosphere. Coworking space allows team members to drop into a hot desk, work from one of our on-site cafés, or purchase a day pass.

Custom Suites

Preferred’s custom suites provide team members with multiple private offices plus shared space for collaborative work. Choose your preferred furnishings, finishings, and configurations to customize suites to meet the specific needs of your team members.

Day Offices

Preferred’s day offices offer your employees access to private offices for the day. Day offices are popular with professionals who are traveling or who need office space while visiting clients in geographic areas where your company doesn’t already have a presence.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices in the Preferred network, which are popular with fully remote teams, offer team members a prestigious virtual business address, as well as mail and delivery management plus professional call answering.

Meeting Rooms

When and if your team needs meeting rooms, they won’t have to look far! All Preferred Office Network locations include high-end meeting rooms that may be booked by the hour or day.

On-site Amenities and Services Included With Flexible Office Space

Another major benefit of including flexible office space in your return-to-office strategy? The robust services and amenities included with flexible office leases. Preferred’s all-inclusive leases help you reduce overhead while ensuring your team members have everything they need to do outstanding work. 

Full Service Office Amenities and Services

Full service flexible offices within Preferred’s network include these amenities and services:     

  • 24/7 office access
  • Furnishings including desks and executive chairs
  • A professional receptionist to greet your guests
  • Technology services
  • Local phone number
  • One phone set with two lines, an integrated speakerphone, and unlimited long distance
  • Free local calling
  • Voicemail box that’s accessible 24/7
  • High-speed Internet with managed IT infrastructure
  • Wireless Internet in meeting rooms
  • Mail and parcel collection and distribution
  • Four hours of monthly meeting room time for up to 16 hours (some exclusions may apply)
  • Cleaning, utilities

Coworking Amenities and Services     

Preferred’s coworking spaces include the following amenities and services:

  • Private space, dedicated desk, or open workspace options
  • Private phone booth access (if available)
  • Access to small and large meeting spaces
  • Community benefits such as networking events
  • Coffee, tea, snacks, and drinks
  • High-speed Internet

Virtual Office Amenities and Services

Virtual offices within Preferred’s network include these amenities and services:

  • A mailing address with free mail forwarding
  • Local phone number with personalized telephone answering by a live receptionist
  • Free call forwarding to a voicemail box or alternate phone number
  • 16 hours per month of day office or meeting room use with unlimited domestic long distance phone services (during business hours)

Preferred Office Network: Built for Enterprise Organizations

Though flexible office space offers numerous advantages, one of the most significant benefits of using Preferred’s flexible offices in your RTO strategy is that our network and service offerings were built with enterprise organizations like yours in mind.

Preferred Office Network includes more than 1,000 locations across North America and beyond. Our network of flexible offices stretches across over 400 cities and 15 countries, including more than 12 million square feet of real estate.

Another bonus for enterprise organizations: instead of signing multiple contracts for multiple locations, you’ll have just one master contract to contend with when your company becomes a Preferred client.

Next Steps for Formulating a Successful RTO Strategy

If you’re looking for guidance on how to plan and implement a successful return-to-office strategy, consider including these other essential elements as you formulate your plan:

  • Be transparent with team members about the business goals and objectives supported by a return to the office
  • Collaborate with employees on what RTO will look like at your company, consider surveying employees for feedback or using focus groups throughout the process
  • Create an action plan for your RTO rollout; offer tools and resources to organizational leaders throughout
  • Consider hiring an HR firm with experience implementing successful return-to-work plans
  • Contact the Preferred Office Network team for guidance and support as you navigate your company’s return-to-office

Key Takeaways on the Value of Flexible Office Space in Any Return-to-Work Strategy

  • Access to a multitude of workspace options to help your company meet employee work preferences
  • Workspace options include private offices, coworking spaces, custom suites, day offices, and virtual offices
  • Convenient access to on-site meeting rooms
  • All-inclusive leases that include cost-saving services and amenities.
  • One master contract for multiple locations



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