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Employee Satisfaction And The Workplace

November 25, 2017

As we enter the season of gratitude, it’s an opportune time to evaluate the satisfaction of your employees and make strides to better their experiences in the workplace. Happy employees are engaged employees, and engaged employees are more productive and will add value to your company. Here are 3 tips to consider:

1. Offer a comfortable workspace with plenty of amenities. Recent Inc. article describes how the floor plan, office size, cleanliness and available storage space can all affect an employee’s opinion of their workspace. A clean and organized space where all employees have access to the departments they need to engage with is ideal. Amenities are desired and appreciated as well. Even with a small budget, find ways to give your employees spaces to relax, furnishings they find comfortable and enjoyable, and access to dining and fitness facilities. All of Preferred’s business centers offer cleaning services and amenities your employees will appreciate.

2. Don’t forget to expand your space as your team grows. An overcrowded workspace will not only kill productivity, it will annoy your employees and tell them indirectly they aren’t worth investing in. Provide a reasonable amount of square footage per person – this guide can you calculate your needs – and then plan for future growth. Many of Preferred’s shared workspaces have large team rooms adjacent to each other to build out an area just for your team.

3. Keep commute times to a minimum. Recent Business Insider article discusses research from the University of West England who found that adding an additional 20 minutes of commuting per day was equivalent to receiving a 19% pay cut in terms of job satisfaction. Commuting cannot be entirely avoided, but you can offer your employees options to work remotely from their house or from a coworking or business center near their home 1-2 days a week. With Preferred’s network of 500+ business centers, employees can cut their commute time and still work in a professional and collaborative environment.

How can we help you in your search for great places to work? Call us at 855-4-NOTERM or email us at info@preferredofficenetwork.com.

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