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How PON Compares to Online Listing Services

March 12, 2021


PON stands alone as the most innovative network of global coworking locations – but how is PON different than your average online listing service? 

First, we don’t proactively compete with our own members for local business. 

While online listing services attempt to outbid local operators for leads through Google, we bring leads directly to our members who best fit the bill or client. 

We are proud to provide full-service client account and transaction service management making for streamlined, industry-best service. 

On the flip side, with online listing services, the burden is on the client themselves, to navigate and book space options through said listing site. 

Next, when it comes to finding the perfect match for our clients, we strategically appoint members to different markets which in turn, avoids market oversaturation and internal network competition. 

Meanwhile, online listing services serve up every operator in each market which increases competition among the operators. 

While we understand that finding new business opportunities is important, we prioritize quality over quantity. 

PON strives to deliver only qualified business opportunities while online listing services prioritize the quantity of leads over the inherent quality. 

And finally, our management fee only applies to business that is closed and managed by PON. 

Online listing services apply a referral fee to any business that they refer. However, in most cases, they are not involved in the transaction or the client’s account management. 

The onus then falls on the operator to negotiate terms, close the deal, and manage the backend of the client’s account.  

While this is just an overview of the difference between PON and online listing servicesclick here to learn more about the ever-growing network. 

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