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Large Companies And The Serviced Office

April 29, 2017

Recent All Work article Survey: Larger Companies Choose Serviced Workspaces, shares something we at Preferred Office Network have known for years. Serviced and shared office space isn’t just for small companies and freelancers. New data in their annual client survey shows that while smaller companies with fewer than 5 employees still make up the majority of the serviced office users surveyed, there was a significant increase in the number of clients that had teams of 7+ employees.

Larger companies can benefit from shared office space in the same way smaller companies do, with no up front capital to invest to get started and the ability to test a new market for a short time before relocating. Perhaps the greatest benefit to large companies using share office space is access to large meeting and training rooms to rent either as part of their office rental agreement, or as an added service. Since larger companies are more likely to hold high-stakes meetings with clients, the professional meeting rooms in shared office spaces can be a vital part of their business. Additionally, larger companies might utilize meeting space to get their employees out of the regular office environment and stimulate productivity in a new location.

When businesses small or large come a Preferred client, they have immediate access to over 400 business centers throughout North America. Clients have a No-Term lease agreement at all business center locations and the added benefit of making monthly lease payments from one invoice whether they have presence in three locations or thirty. We invite you to search our locations now, and to learn more about becoming a Preferred client, contact us today!

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