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5 Trends To Improve Office Design

April 11, 2017


Millenials are leading the charge again for changes in the corporate office environment. Recent Forbes article, “How Millenials Are Making Office Design Healthier” shares some trends that might make an appearance in your office sooner than later.

1. Blending Fun And Business – Companies are adding elements of fun to their workspace design in an effort to encourage employees to unwind and promote a balanced corporate culture. Blending fun with productivity can be a big draw for Millenial generation.

2. Coworking Offices – Coworking environments provide a productive place to work without the traditional four walls of an office. The benefit for Millenials is they feel their work is more meaningful, perhaps because they are surrounded by like-minded professionals and there are a variety of ways to collaborate with others on a daily basis. The sense of community found at coworking spaces is also attractive.

3. The Eco-Friendly Workplace – Sustainability and preserving the environment is important to Millenials, so they want to see their workplaces adopt eco-friendly practices.

4. Greening The Office – Ever heard of a plant-friendly office? You might be seeing a few more shades of green in your office as plants have been shown to boost productivity and provide a natural way to clean the air.

5. Rethinking Familiar Office Furnishings – Beyond ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and standing desks, the new office environment might have additional materials and furnishings to address noise pollution to offer a more quiet environment.

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