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Access multiple PON locations with ease; YESpace has no commitment, no exit fees, and just one monthly invoice.

YESpace,¬†Preferred Office Network‚Äôs¬†flexible office space product,¬†is the largest¬†coworking¬†product¬†of its kind.¬†PON‚Äôs vast¬†network is home to¬†over 900 locations¬†in small¬†and¬†large¬†markets¬†in¬†North America and beyond. Simply put,¬†wherever you want to work,¬†PON‚Äôs¬†YESpace¬†product will put you there¬†‚Äď no questions asked.¬†

YESpace‚Äôs¬†Master Agreement ‚Ästknown for its dexterity, scalability,¬†and ease of use ‚Ästallows clients to access any¬†YESpace¬†location¬†at a moment‚Äôs notice.¬†Whether you‚Äôre traveling,¬†need to place¬†your¬†staff in multiple locations,¬†you‚Äôve outgrown¬†your current coworking¬†network,¬†or¬†are¬†even¬†just¬†dissatisfied¬†with the¬†complexity¬†of¬†your current¬†office space¬†contract,¬†YESpace¬†can provide¬†you with a¬†viable, flexible, and simple¬†way to get down to business¬†‚Äď without the headache.¬†Even¬†within¬†today‚Äôs ever-changing work¬†environment,¬†YESpace¬†is the ideal answer¬†to¬†combatting¬†the new normal.¬†Learn more¬†about how¬†YESpace¬†got its name.¬†

What makes YESpace unique, is no matter how many offices a client uses, you will still just have one monthly invoice that comes from just one point-of-contact. We won’t present you with a long list of terms and agreements. In fact, we have a No Term agreement because we understand how unpredictable work can be and recognize your desire to get down to business, on day one. 


Ease of Use

The YESpace Master Agreement allows you to quickly and efficiently place staff in any of our locations.


YESpace’s network spans hundreds of small & large markets in North America and beyond


YESpace allows you to tailor your office footprint to directly meet your needs across multiple markets.


Really, there are no exit fees, just one monthly invoice, and a no term agreement.


Getting started with Preferred Office Network is easy. Please complete the request form and a member from our team will contact you shortly.

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Document Reviews

Need to place a large team of document reviewers at a moments notice? With over 700 different locations in numerous cities across North America, it’s quick and easy to find an adequate site to host your managed document review with Preferred Office Network.

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