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Preferred’s 2023 in Review: What We Learned and Where We’re Headed

We recently covered the top trends of 2023 for the flex space landscape — from the bankruptcy of a big-name coworking brand and the opportunities that development opens for other operators to the emergence of a new flexible option: professionally managed workplace solutions such as Preferred Suites.

Preferred Office Network has been a leader in the flex space industry since launching in 2010 and is helping to drive the field forward with innovative new products and services (more on that in 2024!). In the meantime, we’d like to share some company accomplishments and insights from the past 12 months as we gear up for what the new year will bring. 

Preferred’s 2023 by the Numbers



4: Countries Added

Preferred Office Network clients in Australia, England, Israel, and Scotland can now enjoy our carefully curated coworking centers as well as all of the ease, convenience, and speed of transaction offered by our seamless booking process that includes one master contract for hundreds of locations across the globe.

20: Flex Space Operator Partners Added

More markets mean more choice for you and your organization. Research shows that employees today want to leave their commutes in the rearview mirror and work closer to home to help achieve better life-work balance. 

With new Preferred locations in hot markets such as the UK, Australia, and cities throughout the Southeastern and Southwestern US, companies can give their teams flexibility in the places where they want to live and work — a key factor in talent acquisition and retention.

50%: Half of All Client Placements Were Made in the Southern US

Reflecting the data on the country’s hottest job markets, Preferred placed half of all clients in Southern states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia in 2023, followed by the Western (28%) and Midwestern (22%) US. Industries most represented were Science & Technology, Insurance, and Financial Services, Meanwhile, the top three cities for meeting space bookings were Washington, DC, New York City, and Austin.

$574: Average Meeting Room Booking Cost

With Preferred’s customizable contracts, clients can book a variety of workspaces to meet their day-to-day operational needs, including coworking spaces, private offices, virtual offices, and meeting rooms — a popular option for organizations that recognize the importance of coming together to collaborate, connect, and create your team’s next big idea. 

1: One Network

Preferred Office Network represents:

230+ coworking brands
380+ cities in 15+ countries
940+ buildings and
12M+ square footage of workspace

These numbers may sound large, but they come together in one workplace solution that meets the evolving demands of modern organizations. We look forward to collaborating with you on your workplace needs in 2024 and beyond.   



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