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Tech and the Workplace – Part 3



Our Tech and the Workplace series wraps up by addressing some of the questions we get from clients concerning IT and technology capabilities in executive suites/shared office space. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.

From Cloud computing, software applications, bandwidth, secure internet, and everything in between, companies may question whether an executive suite or shared office space can meet their abundant technology needs.

The answer is a resounding YES!

We’ve put together some common technology and IT questions we get from our clients to show that utilizing shared space doesn’t mean sacrificing technology needs.

Can we obtain a static IP address for our business in a shared office space?  YES – Our IT teams can work with your business to implement a static IP address  and access a VPN connection. We effectively create a satellite office for your business that communicates directly with your corporate office. The same security measures will be in place as if your business was operating directly from the corporate office.

Can we print, fax, and make copies securely?   YES – We can ensure that you are connected only to your personal printer/fax machine/copier and that any confidential material is not routed to a shared machine or sent over the shared network.

Can we utilize audio/videoconferencing technology?   YES – Most of our business centers offer these services in their conference rooms making online meetings available for your customers.

Will our business have the support it needs when IT issues arise? YES – Our IT teams are top notch and work around the clock to quickly correct any IT problems. They will work closely with your business from the onset of setting up the initial network configuration and are available along the way to assist and answer any questions.

Preferred Office Network is the largest network of independently owned business centers with 350 locations throughout North America. To learn more about our technology offerings and how we can help your business grow into new markets, contact us today at 855-4-NOTERM or info@preferredofficenetwork.com.


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