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Millenials and the Workplace

September 29, 2015

Millenials, today’s 18-35 year olds, make up an impressive one third of the workforce. These workers, many of whom are in leadership positions, have their own defining characteristics that have a huge impact in the workplace today.

So, who are Millenials? They are self-expressive, innovative, tech-savvy, multi-taskers, connected, passionate people that crave meaningful work, recognition, and flexibility.

Millenials have different expectations about work and the workplace than their generational counterparts. According to Fortune article, “Everything You Need to Know About Your Millenial Co-Workers”, the companies that have best met the unique work styles of Millenials have the following in common:

-Fair standards for pay, promotions, and profit sharing
-Equality in special recognition
-Workers have a voice in the decisions that affect them
-Strong, open, two-way communication
-High tolerance for risk-taking
-Flexible scheduling
-Telecommuting options
-Perks such as fitness classes

According to “Creative Spaces for Your Millenial Staff”, Millenials crave a workplace with a configuration open to fostering relationships that encourages collaboration. Millenials want to work efficiently, and aren’t as concerned with staking claim on an office and personalizing it. Relaxation areas are another sought after amenity. For a timely example, take a tour of Facebook’s new HQ!

Shared office space resonates with Millenials, who have adopted the sharing economy with services such as Airbnb, Uber, and the like. Preferred Office Network provides a variety of configurations and office options for all types of workers across many generations, and with the addition of coworking in many business centers Millenials are sure to find comfort in any of our work environments.

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