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What Do Millenials Want From Their Workplace?

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Hint…it’s probably not what your Mom or Dad wanted. As Millennials are primed to be the largest members of the workforce, we need to pay attention. Recent Forbes article, “What’s Inside A Workplace Designed For Millennial Employees?”, one company, Power Design, Inc., wisely took notice and structured their workplace environment to attract and retain this valuable society group. Their CFO, Dana Permuy, sheds some light on what they’re doing right.

So, what can we learn from Power Design, Inc.? First, Millennials can be a valuable source of information and provide much needed skills in the workplace, so we should listen to what they have to say. While compensation is an important factor when choosing where to work, Millennials also value work-life balance and amenities like fitness centers and on-site dining options. Secondly, Millennials realize that work doesn’t have to be done from a specified office in order to be productive. Flexible schedules and the option to work from home as needed are greatly valued and appreciated. When a company shows they have the technology and willingness to make mobile working possible, Millennials are drawn to them. Finally, Millennials value recognition. They want to be appreciated for their contributions and a great way to help make this happen is to listen to their ideas and provide positive feedback.

At Preferred Office Network, many of our business centers offer on-site amenities that Millennials are in search of like fitness centers, on-site restaurants, walking areas, places to gather for coffee or a break, and more. We invite you to explore these great workplace options below, and any of our other 370+ business centers now.

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