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For The Love of Meetings

July 24, 2016
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Love them or hate them, meetings are a vital activity for any organization. Generally, people dislike meetings when they become too long, too frequent, or unproductive. Make the most of your meetings with these tips from HR Council:
•Meet regularly – bring people together for even 15 minutes to problem solve and keep communication lines open
•Planning your meeting – have an agenda, make sure the right people are in attendance, and find a professional place to meet
•Facilitating the meeting – use a whiteboard to keep everyone engaged, allow for discussion time and questions, and be clear on what you are asking for
•Evaluating the meeting – quickly evaluate what worked and what didn’t work to improve your next meeting
At Preferred Office Network, we fully support the need to meet in a professional environment. All of our business centers have spacious meeting rooms with the tools you need to have a successful meeting. We also offer an extensive network of thousands of places to meet near you, so you never have to scramble for a location. For assistance in locating and booking your next meeting space, call us at 855-4-NOTERM.

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