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Will Co-working Space Replace Traditional Office Space?

November 5, 2016

Co-working spaces are popping up left and right and certainly fill a need in the market for start ups and remote employees to access business tools and have a sense of community without the expense of a traditional office space.  Recent blog post, Why Co-Working Space Won’t Replace Traditional Office Space, offers some insights into why traditional office space will continue to be a valuable asset to companies moving forward, despite the prevalence of co-working space.

1. Co-working space does not fit every company’s culture – Many employees need privacy and quiet space to remain productive. Co-working space generally does not offer the same amount of privacy as a traditional space.

2. Co-working space may not be as cost-effective or flexible as it appears – Memberships are typically required to utilize space, and year long terms provide the best rates. Users run the risk of losing their space if an agreement isn’t signed and another customer is willing to. Also, the base price of a membership may not include access to all of the amenities offered. Extra fees can quickly add up to get the most out of the space.

3. Co-working space does have location limitations – Traditional office space has more options in more cities than co-working space, and so allows companies to be more selective and get the best workspace for their needs.

No matter your views on co-working space or traditional office space, Preferred Office Network has over 400 business centers with private office options, and many with co-working space. We work with your business to identify the best space to match your company’s culture and space requirements. Preferred clients have a No-Term office lease agreement, so as plans change, businesses can act quickly to occupy new space or vacate space no longer needed. We invite you to search our locations now and then contact us to learn more about becoming a Preferred client.

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