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Why We Believe In Office Space

Office space expenses, long commutes, and mobile teams may make us question the need for office space. At Preferred Office Network, we believe office space is a valuable company asset that is often overlooked. Here’s why:

1. Office Space Supports Employee Retention – With daily face to face interactions with your team, your employees are more likely to be engaged, which is a key driver to employee retention. It’s easy for employees to slip away when not faced with the steady act of meeting together on a regular basis.

2. Office Space Supports Collaboration & Community – Remote workers can feel isolated, so utilizing office space can foster a sense of community. Collaboration with other colleagues is important too. Lines of communication stay open and brainstorming can occur at will. Eating lunch or sharing coffee together can also provide the community feel that many remote employees are missing.

3. Office Space Supports a Professional Environment – A professional image for your business is a must. Preferred Office Network business centers provide a live receptionist to answer and route all calls, state of the art technology, furnished offices, and meeting spaces. A remote employee may not have access to these services which help promote a professional image.

Finding great office space to fit your company’s budget is easy with Preferred Office Network. Preferred clients have access to 400+ business centers in North America, all with the benefit of a No-Term lease agreement. We invite you to search our locations now and contact us for your upcoming office space needs.

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