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5 Office Must-Haves

September 25, 2016


When selecting office space, there are some non-negotiables you should definitely consider – after all, your office is your creative space, your home away from home, and where most of us spend 40+ hours each week. It’s best to work in a space that you’ll look forward to going to.

Here are 5 office must-haves we believe you should expect no matter where you end up working.

1. Appropriate amount of square footage – Nothing is worse than tight office quarters that make you feel constricted and put your privacy and productivity at risk. Equally important is not having a space that’s so large your work area is undefined, or causing a drain on financial resources. Every employee has their own ideas of the perfect amount of space, so whatever that is, make sure it makes sense for your work style, job function, and budget.

2. Amenities – Whether you have the convenience of amenities on site or at least close by, don’t underestimate their importance. When we spend a large chunk of our day sedentary in an office, having a gym or place to walk during a lunch hour or immediately before or after work can ease much of the stress we face day to day and help clear our minds. Having coffee or an on-site breakfast or lunch venue is a great perk as well. Many business centers are really upping the ante with amenities and are adding unique lounge areas and recreation spaces.

3. Natural light – The right office environment will feature plenty of natural light from windows and skylights. Harsh lighting and lack of space with a window view can really put a damper on your mood and productivity. If you have an interior office, be sure to spend part of your day either outside or in an area where some natural light is present.

4. Great location – The commute to and from work shouldn’t be a chore. While many business centers are located in urban city centers, there are plenty of options in suburban areas too. Look for easy access to major transportation routes and public transportation options to and from the office. You may also want to consider proximity to nearby airports and other nearby businesses and services.

5. Reliable technology – Don’t settle for slow internet connections, poor IT support, or added fees for basics like phone and internet. Your office should offer reliable and up to date technology so you can focus on your business.

Preferred Office Network provides office space in over 400 business centers throughout North America. Our business centers also recognize the value of these vital office needs, so you can confidently select one of our centers and know you are getting fantastic space. Search our locations now and find your next office.

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