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Executive Suites Versus Conventional Space

When businesses begin the search for office space, there are typically one of two paths to take. The company can choose a conventional office model or an executive suite model. While the decision may seem simple, many businesses don’t analyze all the available options before making a decision, and can end up spending more for their office space than they originally¬†planned.

Executive suite provider, BusinesSuites recently published an excellent blog post, highlighting the differences between the two. We’ve reposted some key points from their blog below.

Head to Head Comparison of Executive Suites Vs. Conventional Space

One of the key differences between conventional office space and executive suites is the start-up costs needed to move in and¬†set up the office. ¬†As the post points out, ¬†“Compared to executive office suites, conventional space requires a lot of up-front resources, including build-out expenses‚ÄĒrent, furniture, equipment, facility management, cleaning services‚ÄĒplus the time and expense of administrative employees. Executive suites do not require a build-out and are turnkey; everything is ready to go once you sign the dotted line. Your office can be customized and easily changed based on the number of employees you have, how much space you need, how often you use the conference rooms and more. However, you can¬†bring your own furniture and hardware too.”

Another key difference is the sharing of space. Executive suites are typically housed in a shared space, so while employees have access to a private office, they share common areas with other business professionals. This can make for great networking opportunities, as well as keeping costs down.

Finally, the benefit of having ongoing office support makes executive suites an attractive option over conventional space. Phone answering, administrative tasks, cleaning services, mail handling, and technology support are included in the flat rate of an executive suite monthly price. These services can add up quickly if they have to be outsourced. So, whether in the office our traveling, the office space is taken care of and the administrative tasks are completed.

Perhaps you’ve shied away from the thought of using an executive suite space for your office, because of common myths. We’ve found that when companies tour the spaces, they quickly see the benefits and never look back. You can get office pricing¬†in any one of our 350+ business centers,¬†or set up a tour at your convenience.

Preferred Office Network clients have the added benefit of a No-Term lease agreement. Simply give us a 60 day notice, and if the office environment just isn’t right for your business, you can walk away, no questions asked.

To learn more about becoming a Preferred Office Network client, contact us today! 855-4-NOTERM.

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