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On A Mission Series – Part 1

April 10, 2015

Whether personal or professional, a mission statement is a crucial element to drive focus and gain momentum toward your goals. A mission statement should be the foundation for strategy and a guiding force for making decisions. At Preferred Office Network  our mission is simple:

Be the most responsive workplace solution by providing revolutionary benefits for corporate clients and exceptional value for members.

What revolutionary benefits do we offer clients? First, we offer a No-Term lease agreement for office space. In the executive suite industry, this is almost unheard of. Typically, clients are forced into a three, six, or twelve month lease that auto-renews. At Preferred, we believe clients should be able to enter and test a new market risk-free. With our No-Term agreement, clients simply provide a 60-day notice to terminate their lease agreement, and that’s it. No. Questions. Asked. With Preferred, clients are given ultimate freedom and flexibility to test a market before committing, and never have to worry about getting locked into an auto-renewing lease.

Through our No-Term agreement, we’re able to work with clients who have short-term project needs such as document reviews or legal arbitrations. This provides cost-savings to our clients and the ability to act quickly as needs change.

In Part 2 of our On a Mission Series, we will explore another powerful Preferred benefit – our consolidated invoice.

To learn more about becoming a Preferred client, contact 855-4-NOTERM.

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