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Why We Believe In Office Space

Oct 23, 2016
Office space expenses, long commutes, and mobile teams may make us question the need for office space. At Preferred Office Network, we believe office space is a valuable company asset that is often ov ...
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Mergers, Acquisitions, and the Office

Aug 28, 2016
2015 was a record-breaking year for mergers and acquisitions, with $4.9 trillion in activity, according to research from company Dealogic. Put simply, mergers and acquisitions allow companies to eithe ...
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Preferred Office Network Celebrates Mileston...

Aug 23, 2016
It is with great excitement that we share our big news. Preferred Office Network has added its 100th member to its ...
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Office Space and The Sharing Economy

Dec 21, 2015
The sharing economy is alive and well entering 2016. Mainstays like Uber and Airbnb are still thriving and continue ...
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Simplifying Your Office Rent Lease Payments

Oct 17, 2015
How many office markets does your business operate in? Two, ten, thirty, or more? Imagine receiving one clean and simple monthly rent invoice for all locations. As a Preferred Office Network client, t ...
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Executive Suites Versus Conventional Space

Oct 03, 2015
When businesses begin the search for office space, there are typically one of two paths to take. The company can choose a conventional office model or an executive suite model. While the decision may ...
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Tech and the Workplace – Part 3

Sep 20, 2015
Our Tech and the Workplace series wraps up by addressing some of the questions we get from clients concerning IT an ...
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On a Mission Series – Part 4

May 15, 2015
In the conclusion of our On a Mission Series we’ll show you how one point of contact can provide your business with much needed guidance and support¬†in searching for the best office space availa ...
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7 Ways to Work Smarter

May 01, 2015
In today’s¬†busy world,¬†we’re all looking for ways to work smarter.¬†Preferred Office Network has seven opportunities for your business to do just that by taking advantage of our revolutiona ...
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On A Mission Series – Part 3

Apr 30, 2015
In Part 3 of our On a Mission Series, we’re sharing another benefit unique to Preferred clients – ease of entry into new¬†office spaces. Once¬†Preferred’s Master Agreement is¬†signed,¬†i ...
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